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by Matthew Hurt

directed by Gavin Marshall
choreography by Jacqui Chank

Believe Linda Marlowe
The Old Testament God is a God of War. And War is a manís game.† But what of the women? To a modern sensibility tales of the Old Testament seem sexist and archaic.†

But dig beneath the surface and what you find are stories that are profound and shocking, even by todayís sensationalist tabloid standards. †

BELIEVE is a contemporary retelling of 4 womenís tales of war – traitor; widow; warrior; martyr.

From seduction, torture and decapitation to infanticide and rape, these are women surviving in the most violent of times, women who have carved their names into history.

'The great Linda Marlowe achieves an absolutely memorable, deep stillness, in a heart stopping monologue about the horrific torture inflicted as she and her seven sons face death for their faith. It's a stillness that speaks of faith as a great calm, conquering and subsuming all the evil that humankind can do.' Scotsman

'Marlowe’s every emotional sinew is on show in a confessional that puts faith in the front line in a way that suggests God’s hand was blessed with a woman’s touch.' Herald

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