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by Matthew Hurt
adapted from the short stories of Tennessee Williams

directed by Stuart Mullins

Mortal Ladies Possessed Linda Marlowe

Originally sponsored by Third Space. Photography Eric Richmond.

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Escaping theNew Orleans heat in the basement of her dilapidated boarding house, as her life slips away and her memory begins to fade, Widow Holly conjures up the colourful and exotic guests that have passed through her doors. Sometimes haunting, often hilarious, Tennessee Williams's many characters are brought to life in Linda Marlowe’s unique physical style.
Marlowe and Tennessee Williams fit each other like hand and glove. Marlowe has both the delicacy and the viciousness required … a wonderful actor.' The Guardian
'Marlowe, who is in the first division of British actresses, has a brave, nervy quality; in a collage of scenes from several Tennessee Williams short stories, she expertly dissects the playwright’s hysterical women with poignancy and poetry' New Yorker
Linda Marlowe brings Tennessee Williams’s stories to life in an admirable one-woman show directed by Stuart Mullins conjuring heroines, passionate and fragile… Marlowe, an actress of real skill captures Williams' pathos and the women’s fragility. New York Times