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'The great Linda Marlowe achieves an absolutely memorable, deep stillness, in a heart stopping monologue about the horrific torture inflicted as she and her seven sons face death for their faith. It's a stillness that speaks of faith as a great calm, conquering and subsuming all the evil that humankind can do.' Scotsman
'When she spreads her arms, she embraces the world … her voice is an instrument of silk and seduction, frayed at the edges and pickled in port' The Daily Mail
'Linda Marlowe brings some of Tennessee Williams’s stories to life in an admirable one-woman show conjuring heroines, passionate and fragile… Marlowe, an actress of real skill captures Williams pathos and the women’s fragility. New York Times
'The kind of show that only the most experienced actor would touch, comprising as it does a whole range of styles, from stand-up and mime to magic and circus skills … impresses with its unflinching honesty, courage and humour.' Metro
'Fits perfectly with Linda Marlowe's track record of vital, vociferous and sexy dames of myth and modern legend… Marlowe delivers the poems with tremendous verve and grace… a remarkable solo performance, beautifully directed by Di Sherlock' Independent
'A terrific double act: Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy's collection, performed by solo veteran Linda Marlowe whose versatility is dazzling… Marlowe doesn't just bring Duffy's poems to life, she spotlights their gothic humour and subversiveness.' Metro
'Witty, fleet-footed production, beautifully designed with minimalist projections and graphics, Marlowe lets rip with her trademark searing energy and grace… not to be missed' List
'Marlowe reigns supreme, like a mythical shape-shifter, she flits from one swift portrayal to another… speaks volumes about the popular appeal of Duffy's work, but also about the genius of the show's performer.' Stage
'Performed with awesome style and confidence by the splendid Linda Marlowe… wonderful' Observer
'An international event writ small in execution, large in spirit … pins you to your seat and alerts you to a masterpiece' What's On Stage
'Marlowe is, as always, superb … the true heart of the story is preserved despite its abridgement – a must see masterclass in performing' The Public Reviews
'The elegant framing narrative… riffs delicately off Shakespeare's story… extraordinary grace of her co-stars created by Georgian puppet-masters Fingertips so subtly manipulated that each flutter of a tiny wooden hand can convey great emotion' The List